An exotic vegetarian, royal gourmet Indian meal

The Legacy

Since time immemorial, the mighty palaces of Rajasthan and Gujarat have welcomed scores of happy guests. Their royal kitchens have whipped up delicious food that had the guests craving for more. Special celebration foods were made to mark special occasions. Soon, events and work started getting centered on the food.

The shahi khansamas (royal cooks) weren’t scared to experiment and with experience, more and more of their experiments became legendary. They not only mastered the art of cooking but also offered unparalleled hospitality. It is said that nobody ever went back hungry from the royal gates. The fame of its exotic foods went far and wide, even beyond the borders. But the shahi khansamas kept these recipes close to their chests. The dishes were for everyone but the recipes were held sacred. This made their exotic food even more delicious, even more mysterious.

Rasovara brings to you, centuries later, the magical food from the palaces. We spent long months digging into the secrets of the mystical royal kitchens of Rajasthan and Gujarat. We researched the lives and times of royalty. We traced the lineage of the shahi khansamas and dug out precious information from their attics. After months and months of work, we were generously rewarded with a treasure trove of recipes and tradition. Centuries of secrets were now with us! But we were told to guard it with our pride, for it is a rich chapter of our history. So we carefully handpicked the recipes for you and present it to you on a platter. Right here at Rasovara. Everything you will touch, feel and taste here is a leaf straight out of royalty and a unique experience of India’s rich gastronomic legacy.

The Experience

A leisurely, king-like meal experience is what we promise to give you at Rasovara. And to strive for that, we stop at nothing!

  • We welcome our guests with a chandan teeka, the most auspicious way to welcome a guest into our home.
  • You are soon introduced to your dedicated captain for the meal. He will ensure that he not only treats you like royalty but also pre-empts everything you may need.
  • Your customized kansa thali awaits you at your table, handmade by the skilled artisans of Gujarat. Kansa is an ancient metal mix that brings with it innumerable health benefits, including inducing the production of hemoglobin, maintaining the strength of the bones, keeping the thyroid glands healthy and many more.
  • Starting with a chilled, Indian appetizing drink, the feast begins. Dish after delicious dish appears on your thali like magic! We have trained our personnel in a special sign language that helps them serve you swiftly, efficiently and yes, very quietly! You are served not only with love but also with immense care that’s getting rarer in our world.
  • To wash down that scrumptious meal, have a glass of the traditional salted buttermilk. Not only does it cleanse your palette but also helps the food settle in. And when all is done, top it up with a betelnut leaf, commonly called paan, to help digest it all!

We assure you of an Indian royalty experience you’re unlikely to forget. Like the celebration dinners of the rajwadas, every meal, everyday is a celebration at Rasovara. A celebration of India’s rich gourmet and hospitality legacy. To break away from the monotony of a regular life, walk in to Rasovara and get treated like a King. Like we say in Gujarat and Rajasthan, padhaaro!

The Salient Features

  • A very wide spread of dishes. No dish is repeated in a month!
  • Seasonal dishes like undhiyu in the winters and aam ras in the summers, for your taste buds to relish!
  • A dedicated captain at your service to help you with everything that you will need.
  • Low-on-spice food for the children, the elderly and everyone who prefers it that way!
  • Jain food served as well.
  • A soothing ambience that takes you far away from the city crowds and transports you to a quiet food haven.
  • Liked a dish & couldn’t have enough? Pack some up and relish it at home! Take-away service is available.
  • You are welcome to walk into our kitchen and see how we prepare the feast for you.
  • A-la carte available from 3 PM to 6 PM to cater to those in-between hunger pangs with healthy and tasty savories from chaat to pav bhaaji!