Recipe of the Month




Ingredient :
Corn Halwa : 200 grms
Milk : 200 gm
Sugar : 200 gm
Ghee : 100 gm
Hot water

Saffron : 1 gm
Dry fruit cashew nuts : 30 gm
Almonds : 30 gm
Pista : 30 gm
Mawa : 100 gm

Wash the fresh Makai dana (corn). Drain and grind it coarsely using very little water and Keep aside. Prepare one string sugar syrup keep aside. Soak saffron in hot milk. Crumble mava into fine granules. Soak Almonds in boiling water for 10 min. Cool, peel and slice them and keep side for garnishing.

Heat ghee in thick-bottomed kadai (pan) and add the Makai paste. Cook over a low flame with constant stirring, until the Makai turns brown. Add sugar syrup and saffron milk. Add mawa and cook till it dissolves. Garnish with dry fruits serve hot.